Alden Bridge

One of the younger villages in the Woodlands, Alden Bridge was opened in 1994 while Roger Galatas was the president of The Woodlands Operating Company. He called it specifically after his native town in Louisiana.

One of the largest villages in The Woodlands, Alden Bridge is bounded by FM 2978 and FM 1488. It has convenient access to Research Forest and the University Center. It has over 18,050 individuals with approximately 7,010 dwellings. There are two shopping centers, the Alden Bridge Village Center, and the Windvale Village Center. The schools that service this village include Barbara Bush Elementary (K to 4 grades), Buckalew Elementary (K to 4 grades), David Elementary (K to 4 grades), as well as Mitchell Intermediate (5 and 6 grades) Collins Intermediate (5 and 6 grades) (5 and 6 grades). Students go to both College Park High School and The Woodlands High School, depending on the neighborhood.

Crisp Morning Circle is merely one of dozens of streets in the Village of Alden Bridge, located in the northern part of The Woodlands. The village’s perimeter roadways include Gosling Road to the southeast, Texas 242, Green Bridge Drive, a piece of Research Forest Drive, Kuykendahl Road and Egypt Lane to the west. The northern border of the settlement zig-zags northeast toward FM 1488 and the village has an eastern boundary of W.G. Jones State Forest.

Alden Bridge Village is one of nine communities in The Woodlands Township, all of which were part of the concept of township founder George Mitchell. Robert Heineman, vice president of planning for The Woodlands Development Co., said the initial goal of The Woodlands was to develop a succession of mostly residential villages that would support a downtown-type center, which now is Town Center and the Research Forest Drive corridor. Heineman said Grogan’s Mill was the first village of what would eventually become nine communities in all.

“The basis for a village was a population and a service area that would support a grocery anchored retail center,” Heineman said. “That was the idea. The retail center would feature offices, hospital, a petrol station, a hardware store…things that you need on a daily or weekly basis. The village centers were all meant to be within 1 to 2 miles from every residence in the village.” Maryann Braid, acting president of the Alden Bridge Hamlet Association, said the village experiences many of the same difficulties others encounter in throughout the township and is the largest of all the communities.

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